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“Yes, personal awareness of my responsibility to heal thyself!”

“I was able to get rid of my anger and reconnect with wife!”

“It has helped me tremendously. It taught me how to identify what is eating at me, and how
to deal with it. I can't thank you all enough!!!”

“WA has helped me recover from pts by showing me how to close the door to my past and open myself to the possibility of a future without pain.”

“It helped me to see how much of myself I had closed off and would not let people into.
How to be vulnerable again and to welcome uncomfortable, but complimentary emotions.
To open to receiving love again.”

“More awareness and focus on activities to improve my life and journey.”

“Yes, by resetting my patterns of behavior, based on healthy living, rather than whatever
coping mechanisms I came up with on my own.”

“Time away from the stressors, coupled with the unconditional positive regard of the
community and the ability to share and have hope with the tools.”

I was ready to grab my suitcase and head back home. But here I am five days later - just changed. I actually cried for the first time in, God, I couldn't tell you how long. I was able to get stuff off my chest that I used to have to turn to alcohol and drugs for. My way of thinking for years was 'if I help other veterans, I'm helping myself by doing it.' But, I was actually just wearing a mask, covering up my own feelings by helping other veterans."

U.S. Army, Class 003 Alumnus

William W.

"The staff educated me, guided me, supported me and were there for me during the most emotional week of my life. They gave me so many tools to help deal with things I had always struggled with in my life. I now meditate every day up to 3 times. I eat healthier. I exercise more. I read more. I want to be a better man, husband, dad, friend, son and co-worker. My path is now my journey. I still struggle some, but I'm able to turn it around quicker. I have so many blessings, and have Warriors' Ascent to thank for being able to now enjoy them more."

Firefighter, Class 010 Alumnus

Jeff B. 


If you experience fear then you are in the right place. We come from a place of love and fear. To get to love again we have to get through our fears. Once your on the other end, it's your freedom to feel once again with a group that loves unconditionally. You will see the change in mind and thought and then your job will be that day forward to nurture that change. You matter!

Police Officer, Class 005 Alumnus

Marie F. 


“Wow, where do I begin?! The week at the Academy was crammed with so many life changing things it's impossible to put it all down! The gift of my sisters is the #1 thing that I took away. It's the first time in my life I've felt close to other women, and such a diverse group too! The meditation, yoga, and nutrition, and classes on our brains and how we process things have been game changers! I feel those practices now are my "medication" and vital to the quality (and effectiveness) of my life. I am more social now, I no longer approach challenges with an assumption of failure, I have ceased reliving a constant loop of the past and now look forward and plan for a future that before I couldn't see or even believed I was worthy of. I am kinder to myself, and look forward to being a positive influence on the world around me, to the absolute best of my ability at the time. Not perfect, but more importantly, 100%present. Thank you so very much for showing me the way out of the prison I was trapped in-for showing me I am not alone, and for helping me to understand that in order to find my way out of the darkness, I simply had to open my eyes.”

“First and foremost, you gave me a safe place where I could fearlessly face my demons, and realize that my wound and my gift are the same thing. It further amplified what I have been working on in recovery from alcoholism for 44 years, and you gave me some tools (many of which I have taught for many years) packaged in a different way so that there is continuity and relevance. I felt loved, comforted, understood, and encouraged to take risks in my recovery that I might have taken in another venue. I found the mindfulness model most helpful in many ways, and saw myself doing things I'd never done before. I have an entirely new support family that I didn't have, and have been involved in an alumni meeting and dinner so far, and I really enjoy the fellowship. I am really excited to see that my experience in life and Warriors Ascent will give me a new place to be useful. All of this gives me more to think about, less to react to, and a great sense of completion in a lifelong journey to finish my 20 years in the military with new dignity, identity and purpose. I also had lunch with one of my Cohorts and have built a new FaceBook family to stay in touch with them. Coming back for the dinner last week further amplified how powerful the energy is as I drove up the drive, I could feel a sense of coming home. I really got a lot out of the leap of faith, and have just finished a burning bowl on some things I didn't do while I was there. I feel so much more free and complete. My love and gratitude has no words. God Bless you all and I am so looking forward to being able to give something back.”

“Trying to rank the events effectiveness is tough. WA helped me because you all allowed me get rid of baggage at the labyrinth and Leap of faith. I was stuck in a rut and making no progress on my own. The unconditional positive regard and being with other Warriors with struggles helped me finally realize I cannot heal alone and it’s ok to admit that I am struggling and need help. WA has opened my eyes and my heart. I am sleeping and doing yoga and or mindfulness every day. Additionally I look for a way to pay it forward every day. Thank you all, you saved my life and I am committed to making sure I share the message and save as many others as possible.”

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