30 Days To Make A Difference

September is Suicide Awareness Month


  • We serve approximately 100-125 Warriors each year through our Academy of Healing. Our graduates have a positive impact on the lives of countless others, including their families, friends, fellow warriors, co-workers, and complete strangers.

  • It costs approximately $30,000 to fund a class of 10-15 Warriors, providing each participant with the opportunity for dramatic, life-altering improvements to their well-being.

  • We employ 3 full-time staff members, all of which are Veterans who receive modest compensation.

  • In 2016, approximately 80% of funds will go directly towards programs, and the remaining 20% makes the programs possible. To better understand non-profit budgets and spending, please watch this video.

  • In 2014 and 2015, nearly 95% of funds went directly to fund the Academy of Healing. In order to serve more warriors and increase our impact, in 2016 we have invested more resources to increase the footprint of our program.

  • Thanks to in-kind donations of services from various partners, such as marketing services from MBB+ Advertising Agency, we are able to keep administrative costs down while still delivering quality services.

  • Simply put, as a veteran-run organization, we take our mission seriously and want to help as many of our brothers and sisters as we can. We promise to make good use of the dollars donated so that we can have the largest impact possible.

Nate's Journey

Hear how Nate overcame the moral injuries sustained from serving as a Marine with two tours in Iraq as an Artilleryman along with serving 12 years as an officer with the Kansas City Police Department.

If you experience fear then you are in the right place. We come from a place of love and fear. To get to love again we have to get through our fears. Once your on the other end, it's your freedom to feel once again with a group that loves unconditionally. You will see the change in mind and thought and then your job will be that day forward to nurture that change. You matter!

Marie F. - Police Officer

Class 005 Alumnus

To see financial reports and learn more about program spending at Warriors' Ascent, please visit our Financials page.

How To Help


Your $100 contribution will provide a yoga training class for 15 warriors. Meditative practices such as yoga are scientifically proven to heal the brain to regain executive functionality crucial to PTS recovery.



Ancient cultures greeted their returning warriors with feasts to welcome them back into the community. Warriors' Ascent recreates this important tradition where the alumni return to serve the newest class and show them they are now part of a community that will provide them with a lifetime of support.



Warrior cultures throughout time have used rituals and traditions to provide warriors an opportunity to face the moral injuries they experienced on the battlefield and process them in a way so as to overcome them. With your $500 contribution, Warriors' Ascent offers similar experiences giving our participants the freedom to express and recover from their pain.



Sponsor 1 Warrior to attend a weeklong Academy of Healing retreat. Your contribution of $2,000 will provide cathartic rituals to discover and overcome moral injuries, essential skills to heal the mind, body, and soul, and a lifelong community of fellow warriors to support them in their road to healing.


To learn about other ways you or your company can support Warriors' Ascent as well as the Veterans and First Responders we serve, please contact Mitch Wheeler, Director of Development.

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