Warriors’ Ascent is proud to host the 3rd Annual Kansas City Friends of Special Operations golf scramble at Fort Leavenworth’s Trails West golf course.  The scramble's goal is to bring the Special Operations and Fort Leavenworth communities together with local and Kansas City Business Communities for a common purpose of helping our warriors and first responders.​


This is the 4th consecutive year Team Leadville will summit the 13,185 ft Mosquito Pass at the nation’s most grueling Marathon held in Leadville, Colorado. Comprised of 13 veterans and first responders from around the country, they have come together to raise $60,000 in order to sponsor 30 Warriors suffering from PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) to attend a week-long training program through Warriors’ Ascent. The training, discipline, hard work and community of support during this two mile high race embody the struggle of warriors path to healing.

“Team Leadville is united in one purpose: to serve Veterans and First Responders suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.   Leadville serves as the appropriate venue to fulfill this purpose through Warriors’ Ascent.” 

- Tony Hofmann Team Captain & Iraq Veteran

Warriors’ Ascent serves veterans and first responders from around the nation who suffer from PTS. Our week-long program is a holistic approach steeped in ancient warrior tradition and designed to tend the mind, body, and soul. We have trained over 275 Warriors in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, functional fitness, nutrition. Warriors also take part in cathartic events to identify their moral injuries and begin down the path of healing.

Team Leadville Sponsored Class 016 in 2017

Download the Sponsorship Package pdf.

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