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You're In! We hope you enjoy the WA Virtual Retreat

You should receive a link and sign-in instructions from GoToWebinar in your email shortly.  

While this webinar is free to all we ask that you'd consider donating to our cause via the PayPay link.

About Warriors' Ascent

Warriors’ Ascent is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Kansas City, Missouri founded and run by veterans to help veterans, service members, and first responders who are struggling with PTS.  Our five-day program, run 6 to 8 times a year, provides our attendees the tools they need to heal and tend the mind, body, and soul.  Through meditation, mindfulness, fitness (yoga), nutrition, and cathartic activities we aim to put our attendees on the path to self-healing where they are empowered to take control of the quality of their lives while offering a sense of community and kinship with those sharing similar experiences.  Attendees pay nothing to attend other than travel costs to and from the facility.  See for further details.


Focus areas:


  • Establishing an environment of unconditional positive regard:

    • Developing and maintaining an emotionally supportive community.

    • Bonding through emotionally open experiences with fellow participants.

    • Becoming attuned to different social styles of interaction and communication.

  • Tending the mind:

    • Mindfulness practices and meditation

    • PTS and the brain 

    • Films examining how we look at the world and our role in it.

  • Tending the body:

    • Yoga

    • Nutrition

    • Trigger point release, mobility, and functional movement.

  • Tending the soul:

    • Set core conditions of unconditional positive regard.

    • Warrior rituals: catharsis, ceremony for the dead, leap of faith

    • Finding our true selves, wholeness, individuation

  • Post graduation:

    • Encourage participants to seek and attend therapy when needed.

    • Impress upon participants the need to take ownership of their own healing by continuing the practices they learned.

    • Membership in an established alumni community of graduates with further outreach and activities.




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