Warriors' Ascent is not a Crisis Prevention Service. If you are currently in crisis, use the resources linked in our Contact Us Page.

The Academy of Healing is a FREE program for warriors that will teach you all of the basics to overcoming Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and train you to share what you've learned to others who are suffering. The 5 days of this program, in themselves, will not heal you.  But, what you learn here will teach you how to heal, by engaging in a number of practices which have been proven to greatly reduce PTS symptoms. If you want to heal, you will have to commit to "doing the work," each day. If you aren't prepared to make this commitment, do not apply. Also, we will train you so that you can take what you learn here back to your community. This program is NOT for individuals who are looking for a quick fix or who just want the T-Shirt. This program is for individuals who want to improve their lives and who are fiercely dedicated to their own healing process. Twenty-two suicides a day is twenty-two too many. We need you in the fight. If you are ready to begin your journey, fill out the form below.

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