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"If you experience fear then you are in the right place. We come from a place of love and fear. To get to love again we have to get through our fears. Once your on the other end, it's your freedom to feel once again with a group that loves unconditionally. You will see the change in mind and thought and then your job will be that day forward to nurture that change. You matter!"

Police Officer, Class 005 Alumnus

Marie F.



"The staff educated me, guided me, supported me and were there for me during the most emotional week of my life. They gave me so many tools to help deal with things I had always struggled with in my life. I now meditate every day up to 3 times. I eat healthier. I exercise more. I read more. I want to be a better man, husband, dad, friend, son and co-worker. My path is now my journey. I still struggle some, but I'm able to turn it around quicker. I have so many blessings, and have Warriors' Ascent to thank for being able to now enjoy them more."

Firefighter, Class 010 Alumnus

Jeff B.  



"I was ready to grab my suitcase and head back home. But here I am five days later - just changed. I actually cried for the first time in, God, I couldn't tell you how long. I was able to get stuff off my chest that I used to have to turn to alcohol and drugs for. My way of thinking for years was 'if I help other veterans, I'm helping myself by doing it.' But, I was actually just wearing a mask, covering up my own feelings by helping other veterans."

U.S. Army, Class 003 Alumnus

William W.

“WA has helped me recover from pts by showing me how to close the door to my past and open myself to the possibility of a future without pain.”

Anonymous Warrior

Lives Saved, Friendships Made

Veterans and First Responders are heroes and we are making a difference in their lives through our cohorts and special events. We are thankful and want to honor every attendee of our cohorts.  


Check out some of our great memories since 2016.

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