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Warriors' Ascent uses a holistic approach to provide a variety of tools to heal the mind, body, and soul. Click on the journal articles below to learn more.

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Meditation, Mindfulness, and Self-Care Classes

Webinars and Classes

Foundations of Mindfulness (4 weeks / 4 webinars): 

Mindfulness can be an essential skill to manage the stress and anxiety of daily life. The Foundations of Mindfulness class is a four-week experiential exploration of mindfulness. Each week we'll practice a foundational mindfulness-based meditation, learn some principles of mindfulness and share our experiences of working with what we're learning. This online offering is ideal for people who have limited experience with mindfulness and are interested in learning some essential practices.  Instructor: Amy Schonhoff

Mindful Communication

Mindful communication helps to bring awareness and choice into the process of dialogue so we can begin to break away from old habits that undermine understanding. Training our attention to notice our habits can free us to cultivate a style of relating that acknowledges our experience while allowing space for others to express themselves. This online offering will introduce you to the foundations of mindful communication and offer some simple practices to incorporate into your interpersonal communications. Instructor: Amy Schonhoff

  • Mindfulness of the Body

  • Moving away from Autopilot

  • Awareness of Breath

  • Perception and Conditioning

  • Mindfulness of Thoughts and Feelings

  • Relating to Stress

  • Loving-kindness

  • Cultivating the Heart

Mindful Parenting

Parenting can be one of the most challenging roles of our lives—yet few of us walk into it having the inner resources and skillsets it demands. Mindful parenting can help parents manage stress, better care for their own well-being, foster the parent-child connection, and cultivate a child’s capacity for self-reflection. This online offering will introduce you to the foundations of mindful parenting and provide you with some simple practices to support you along your parenting journey. Instructor: Amy Schonhoff

The Heart of Mindfulness: 

Mindfulness is a practice that cultivates both the mind and the heart of the practitioner. It is ultimately this dual training that teaches us to meet the present moment with a greater sense of openness, balance and stability. In this online presentation, you'll learn more about the practices and principles that cultivate the "heartfulness" of mindfulness and some simple practices to bring these qualities into your daily life.

Instructor: Amy Schonhoff

Self Care ≠ Selfish

Self care is never selfish and we will discuss mindfulness/meditation and the difference between those two concepts. This conversation will provide the benefits of journaling the concepts of mindfulness and meditation and how to apply those concepts into your daily life. 

Creating Mindfulness With Healthy Boundaries Conversations

Are you struggling to find balance professionally and personally in your life? Boundaries are everything and this topic will provide enhancement to your life mentally, physically and spiritually.

Holistic Methods to Healing Conversations

This topic will cover the basic concepts of holistic methods to healing with a variety of methods for meditation as well as a journaling session. We will discuss the differences between Eastern and Western philosophies including Ayurveda and methods for healing. 

Turning Conflict into Intimacy Conversations

Do you desire more intimacy in your relationships? This conversation will include journaling to build awareness of the areas we can improve intimacy in all relationships as well as providing healing options for closure in past relationships.

Relaxation on Demand  

Instructor: Jeff Miner


Stop It! Stop trying to please everyone else and start pleasing yourself.

Instructor: Jeff Miner

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