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When you attend the Warriors' Ascent Program, you will have been preceded by Warriors just like yourself. They came because they were searching for hope, forgiveness, a new purpose. They trusted the process that fellow Warriors have created, did the work, and emerged on the other side of five life-changing days. They stand ready to welcome you into their tribe. Below are questions we frequently hear from those interested in the program. If you don't see an answer to your question, please reach out to one of our Warriors Relations Specialists at 816.800.9276 or email 


1. How much will it cost to attend an Academy of Healing?


The Warriors' Ascent Program is provided free for Veterans and First Responders. 


2. Are Travel costs included?


Warriors' Ascent has developed partnerships with other non-profit organizations that specialize in providing air and ground travel for those in need. Please let your Warrior Relations Specialist know you are in need of travel and they will assist you in applying for such services.  


3. Are food and lodging included?


All participants will stay in on-campus lodging provided by Warriors' Ascent for the duration of the program. Meals will be provided as well as snacks throughout the day.

4. Can I bring a weapon?


No weapons are allowed on campus. Warriors' Ascent is committed to the safety of everyone attending, the program.


5. Do you allow drugs or alcohol?


Warriors' Ascent does not allow participants to bring non-prescribed drugs or alcohol.  Please note that while some states have legalized the use of marijuana, it is an illegal substance in the state of Missouri and is not allowed on campus. Those who do not adhere to Warriors' Ascent's substance abuse policy will be dismissed from the program at their own expense for travel & lodging.


Please bring any of your physician prescribed medications as you will continue taking them as prescribed during the Academy of Healing Cohort.

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